L.A. Quartet Madras Once Again Registering a Heartbeat and Better Than Ever

Following the comeback release of LP “Up from the Ground”, Los Angeles pop/rock outfit Madras was ironically halted as leader/singer Dan Luperini wrestled with minor but nagging health struggles that left him unable to sing.  After a two year silence, the band popped up for a show at Hollywood’s Molly Malones on Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 – where it seems Dan and his voice were on the mend. Dan managed to deliver the lead vocals for several songs, while some good friends guested as lead to fill out the rest of the show.

Dan Luperini of Madras at Molly Malone's Los Angeles.

In fact this eventuality led to some very exciting new collaborations for the band creating an evening evocative of a Thievery Corporation set. Swirling guitars, hummable melodies, unusual time signatures worked in concert with the different voices and styles of the guest singers to produce a completely reinvigorated and exciting fresh take of the amazing Madras canon.

But make no mistake, when Dan Luperini took over the singing duties for the last three numbers, he allayed any doubt that his wide vocal range is fully restored.  The final number, “Go On” was particularly powerful with Luperini hitting some high notes with his dreamy, breathy, near-operatic voice while guitarist Marc Thomas laid down some improvised multi-layer guitar beds reminiscent of Dave Torn.

Here was the complete vocalist lineup:

Macain Treat
wide awake

Aimee Lynn Chadwick
great wide spinout

Singer Aimee Lynn Chadwick and drummer Ryan Brown

Sarah Brown

Marc Luperini
for keeps

Dan Luperini
wichita lineman (cover)
goodbye my love
go on

Madras is:

Ryan Brown – drums
Chinmoy Panigrahy – bass
Marc Thomas – guitar
Dan Luperini – guitar/vocals

Look for Madras to start showing up in the clubs again soon.

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