Is this Lee DeWyze Single for Princess for Real?

Lee Dewyze is 2010 American IdolLee DeWyze is the expressionless Chicago born and raised singer who won the 2010 show American Idol with a breathy, raspy voice and some fairly decent tones to boot. But the kid can’t seem to stay in tune – even on “Princess” the single from his aptly named album “Slumberland.” Is this it? This is the big opening to the Lee DeWyze canon? Some half-baked capital I indie semi lo-fi drum machine chorus-less attempt at songwriting?

Honest to God, it is nothing personal. I am sure the dude is mellow, and polite, and loves his parents. But that has nothing to do with anything. If this song is the best that America can squeeze out of its uncharted denizens, then it is just another fat black line under why MZ is here – to expose the true unseen talents to those who still care to discriminate between an experience and abject mediocrity.

That’s all. Again, Lee, nothing personal, and may you have a happy and healthy life. But your single is crap. Dig deep man.

ps. sorry for mentioning American Idol.

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4 comments to Is this Lee DeWyze Single for Princess for Real?

  • cheryl

    I so don’t agree with you! And before the haters come out, I don’t really care what youall think of Lee and his singing. Either you like him or you don’t.

    • Ighuaran

      No it’s not really that absolute. See – I kinda do like his voice, but I think he is really not a hundred percent there yet. Just to say that a single blows doesn’t require a complete defense of the artist. He can improve. I hope his output does. Thanks for stopping by to comment.

  • Lori

    Ighuaran, have you heard the “real” version of Princess on Lee’s Slumberland CD? It is so much better than this bastardized version. I think his former indie label is just trying to capitalize on Lee’s new found fame (and why not, they own the rights). It’s unfortunate for Lee, though, because it doesn’t accurately represent him as an artist. They are trying to make him out to be a hard rocker when he’s really just an acoustic folk-rock singer/songwriter and when he’s in his own element, he’s fantastic. His performances are heartfelt and real, unlike this studio-built version. I hope this indie release has a quick death.

    • Ighuaran

      Lori, I have not, and I appreciate you making the distinction between releases. Like I said, nothing against Mr. Dewyze; I felt early on that he had a memorable voice and a good heart (not that the latter should figure). Let the record state that I was simply responding to this release as was made widely available via Amazon as a free download and thus widely distributed as a lead off single. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to post your comment.

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