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The Sky Blues are an indie-folk band from Perth, Australia. Drawing influences from some of the saddest names in the business, The Sky Blues have been likened to the crushing lyrics and haunting melodies of Keaton Henson/Julien Baker, but with the intricate folk guitar and soundscape production of Fleet Foxes/Bon Iver.

Emerging from the long nights and crammed bedroom recordings of the Treehouses – ‘Extended Family’ project, The Sky Blues aim to create thoughtful tunes driven by analogue sounds that combine powerful textures with unmatched lyrical honesty.

The Sky Blue

A three-track demo was released on Bandcamp and Triple J Unearthed in June 2016 to favorable reviews and consolidated through a number of special live performances – as an acoustic duo at the Newtown Hotel in Sydney, and as a full band with additional contributing members at home in Perth.

The Sky Blues have maintained a consistent musical output since their inception by sharing five live acoustic videos across three separate sessions in Fremantle, Perth and Sydney respectively (which can be seen on YouTube below).

The Sky Blues are about to release a single entitled ‘Outskirts’, filmed live as a four piece on guitarist Ethan’s front veranda -how very Australian- in order to continue to establish their position as a versatile band worth watching.

The ‘salt//sand’ release that the Sky Blues have been working on marks the boldest step in the direction of a trademark, identifiable sound for the band. The double A-Side release will feature firstly ‘salt’, a moody yet groovy examination of the process of crying – “salt doesn’t stick, but it stings, pulls the strings, tells us we’re only here for the days when we want it”.

An accompanying music video for ‘salt’ and ‘//’ was filmed by Mehmet Mevlüto?lu, a Sydney based artist:

The video was shot on the Clovelly Cliffs on the NSW coast, filmed entirely using an old tape camcorder. The moving combination of visual and auditory elements is better experienced than explained.

The Sky Blues are currently writing and recording new music in a Chateau in the south of France (you heard it), already working passionately on a follow up to ‘Outskirts’ and ‘salt//sand’.

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