Indie Music Artist Spotlight – Dark Link Light

Formed in 2016, Dark Link Light comprises Peter James Reeve & John Cox, a songwriting duo, based in London.

A wry and often dark humor infuses the lyrics and this is reflected in Spinning’s supporting video, which features post-Trump coaching, a tarantula jury and a bedside lamp you definitely can’t buy at Walmart. Their quirky but finely honed sound summons Talking Heads, XTC, Spazmodics and even Peter Gabriel.

Dark Link Light with Rosa, watching

Musically, whilst Alternatesses has an acoustic heart, each track has its own feel, with each song telling the story of a different character, from the unscrupulous PR guru of Spinning, to the lovelorn ‘follower’ of Settle. Their lyrics are front and center in the project, and while the band admits they aren’t too difficult to parse, they belie an amorphous narrator, taking on different personas and perspectives from one song to the next, a trend also felt in overall musical style. One could interpret Dark Link Light as a concept band, rather than something you’d find under a specific genre.

Here is a sample of the lyrics from Spinning:
“any words you might say, i have alt meanings
my public face is one of a few
got a coffin-full of bad news? i’m shoveling
throwing stones out of a glass world
to cover it
it’s not lying when you’re writing history”

Check out Spinning from Dark Link Light:

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