Indie Artist Spotlight – Emerald Suspension

Emerald Suspension is an experimental music and art project out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their first full length album, Playing the Market, was released in 2006. Their most recent releases include the album Divination and the singles “Smelly Tongues” and “Hommage a La Porte”, all released in 2017

emerald suspension

MusicZeitgeist ahd the opportunity to ask the band about their road to here:

MZ: Talk about your influences:

Emerald Suspension: A wide range of conceptual sound artists have influenced the ongoing exploration of areas hidden between noise and music. Historical influences range back to La Monte Young, John Cage, Harry Partch, The Residents, Laurie Anderson, Elliot Sharp, David Jackman, Pierre Henry, and Karlheinz Stockhausen, among others. However, that list grows exponentially when other contemporary and emerging artists are considered.

MZ: Describe your production process and how you capture your sound:
ES: Our early work centered on structural compositions, including those based on patterns found in the stock market and economic data. That provided an infinite set of numbers that were translated into musical parameters that were performed live as well as recorded using sampled instruments.

After the release of Playing the Market, the recording process was modified to include more traditional instrumentation and song structures. Some of those recordings and other new works ended up on Divination earlier this year. The most recent work by Emerald Suspension echoes back to our roots in ‘noise’, musique concrete, and industrial sounds which serve as the bedrock for releases in the near future.

Check out this “Intro” video for the project

Listen now to “Hommage a la Porte” by Emerald Suspension and other artists we have featured at the’s free Indie Music Jukebox

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