Indie Artist Profile: Sleepy Bill

Atlanta-based Sleepy Bill creates lurching soporific moods that might be best described as Sparklehorse, His Name is Alive and Mercury Rev in a VitamixerTM.

Sleepy Bill - Really Something album cover art

MusicZeitgeist had the opportunity to ask the music outfit’s spokesperson about the compellingly strange recordings emerging from this moniker and here is what we were able to uncover:

Sleepy Bill is a recording artist, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. He was the creative force behind a post punk/art-rock group named BUST in the 2000’s in Brooklyn, NY. They released two records, belle of the brawl in 2003, and Animal Games in 2006.

After the latter record was released, the group and Bill disappeared from the scene and were unheard from for years. Bill was reportedly in bad health from serious alcohol and drug issues and fans and friends assumed the worst.

“Then in 2012, a few of us at low&away records had a chance meeting with the mysterious man here in Atlanta, GA. He had set up a small studio in a downtown loft where he had been busy recording. We convinced him to let us hear some and at last he sent us some tracks. We were, and still are, struck by the originality of the songs.

“…It’s music that reveals more as more time is spent listening to it. We instantly agreed to partner up with him and do our best to get these songs out to the world.

“Bill performs everything on all the tracks, describing himself as a recording artist – completely uninterested in live shows and of the business and commerce side of music. He has a rotating band of local musicians and they play impromptu live shows around Atlanta. He says he has his “demons” behind him, but when agreeing to any deal with us, said that he has to do things the way he has to do them.

“He is mysterious to a degree, but in person, completely unassuming and polite. He reportedly has a whole catalog of recordings with a goal to release a new album “every year for ten years” then be done. It remains to be seen if he is serious about it, but if he is, we will be eager and excited to help Sleepy Bill’s music reach ears that want a riddle to unravel.”

So, as we probe deeper, more questions about this enigmatic artist arise. Regardless, in the end, it is the music that matter most.

Sleepy Bill’s debut album – Really Something – features beautiful cover and insert art by artist Lacy McCune.

Currently the album is available on iTunes and many other digital distribution sites. A limited press on vinyl has sold out.

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