Future Loves Past is MusicZeitgeist.com’s Indie Artist of the Month for June 2014


Future Loves Past delivers an ebullient, 60’s tinged with shoegaze sound that is hard to predict and filled with delightful little surprises at every turn. In contrast to their instantly catchy hooks and melodies, their subject matter reads like Carl Sagan’s sketchbook, undertaking something far larger in scope. In hopes of representing them more succinctly, MusicZeitgeist asked the band to help describe the sound and culture of Future Loves Past:

MusicZeitgeist: So, now you must explain yourselves. Just what is the nature of this sound you are peddling?

Future Loves Past: With all the genres and sub-genres out there to choose from, we’ve come to refer to ourselves as “sci-fi/soul/pop”. Basically, our goal is to get you dancing and leave you singing. To date, we’ve released one full-length album called All The Luscious Plants which was released in September of 2013. In April of this year, we released our latest EP, (Our Solar System EP), a preview of our forthcoming full-length solar system concept album.

Our influences range from bands like The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala and Dr. Dog to Electric Light Orchestra, Pink Floyd and the Bee Gees. All of our art and promotional material is designed and produced in-house, with Eric taking on all of the artwork and design duties and Tristan handling all things film and animation.

MZ: Talk a little about how it all came together – what is your “Muppet Movie” story?

FLP: It all started in Tempe, Ariz. back in 2010 when Eric and Tristan’s band at the time, Indias, was asked to fill a vacancy at a show at Long Wong’s in spite of having recently disbanded. With a set of brand new songs ready to go and nothing to lose, they decided to instead form a new, although at the time, nameless band in time for the upcoming gig. The night was a huge success and, needless to say, formed the foundation of what would later become Future Loves Past.

Over the next few months, the remaining core members joined the band. Three years later, we’ve built lasting friendships with countless people and couldn’t be happier playing shows for (and with) our friends and fans on a regular basis.

Our current sound came about after a year or so of playing together. Collectively, our favorite songs we were writing in those days had a tendency to be a combination of groovy and psychedelic. Once Eric and Sean started writing together, the sci-fi/soul/pop sound was pretty well established.

MZ: So where are you now and how are you moving the project forward?

FLP: This summer we’re doing everything we can to play to as many new crowds as possible. As of right now we’re booked for Make Music Pasadena in June, Wake & Bake Fest in Denver in July, plus several shows in and around L.A. all summer long. Later this year, we plan to wrap things up with the new album at Flying Blanket Recording in Mesa, Ariz. with producer Bob Hoag. If all goes according to plan, we hope to take the new album on tour as early as next year.

Future Loves Past is: Eric Palmer (lead vocals, bass), Sean Wintrow (keys, vocals), Tristan DeDe (guitar, vocals), Enrique Naranjo (drums), Sarah Hibner (keys, percussion, vocals) and Jacob Tulsi (keys, percussion, vocals).

Things we love:
Cats, outer space, conspiracy theories, ancient aliens, Netflix documentaries, food, beer, binaural frequencies (among other things…)

Friends of ours:
Party Gardens, Wooden Indian, Pro Teens, The Circuits, Captain Squeegee, Gospel Claws, Banana Gun, Japhy’s Descent, Samuel L Cool J (and so many more, we can’t even count…)

Lastly, you gotta see Tristan’s animation skills at work in our video for “Grow Up Tall” on YouTube: Future Loves Past – Grow Up Tall (Official Video)

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