Free Download New Single by Elyse, With Release of First Album Since Orange Twin Records’ Reissue of 1968 Masterpiece

Out of print original album cover for 1968 release "Elyse"

Out of print original album cover for 1968 release "Elyse"

When he first listened to Elyse’s long forgotten 1968 self-titled release back in 1999, Andrew Rieger of Elf Power described it as the The Holy Grail. The amazing eponymous album sounds as current as ever and in fact feels like the direct progenitor of anything from Vaselines to Dinosaur Jr. (who has covered Elyse) to Karen O or even Arcade Fire. But it sounds unique unto itself. “Houses,” the song covered by J. Mascis was also covered by Vetiver – the original track features Neil Young on the guitar. Back in the late ’60’s, the album received quite a bit of attention – so much so that Elyse appeared on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, in Newsweek and the L.A. Free Press, and at Shaffer Music Festival in NYC. She continued to write and record for Asylum Records. Cut to 30 years later when Rieger fell so much in love with her debut album that he contacted Elyse (now going by the name Cori Bishop and living in Ashland, Ore.).

The rest is history – Orange Twin re-released the self-titled debut, along with two other of her songs from that era. Since, Elyse’s story has become something of a rock legend – after the rerelease her album received massive amount of positive feedback in the press. Now, after playing extensively over the past few years, which included a date at Montreal Pop Festival in 2008, Elyse has recorded a new album for the first time since the late ’60’s – the aptly titled “In My Own Sweet Time.”

Elyse is something you have to hear to believe – it jumps right off the speaker and climbs through your earholes, burrowing straight for your heart and guts – I’ve had the opportunity to listen to the new record and it knocked me completely on my ass like the first time I heard Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” or even My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless.”

Free MP3 Download:
Elyse – “Anybody Out There”

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