The Fall Concert Season Is Upon Us

Ah, autumn.  The air gets crisp, the days get shorter, temperatures lower and every able-bodied artist worth 30 tickets or more hits the road.  Now that the bloated summer concert season is over, hard-working, up-and-coming bands who’ve been toiling to mass indifference in noon slots on side stages everywhere can make their rent playing the healthy fall club circuit. 

For concert-goers, this is both a blessing and a curse, as amazing shows are widely available — to the point of detriment.  Too little money, too little time and too many choices (multiple shows on the same night!) — what’s a music lover to do? 

Here at Music Zeitgeist, the decision is simple: go to every freaking concert possible.  Welcome to our Week of Shows, wherein our not-so-able bodied contributer Truffle Jones will fight traffic, fatigue, tinnitus, alcoholism and venue bathroom conditions in relentless pursuit of the live concert experience.


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