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clouds make sounds band photo portraitGorgeous, enthusiastic recordings, painstakingly captured tones and lilting nuance populate the latest release from Philadelphia indie band Clouds Make Sounds. In the spirit of Polyphonic Spree, Animal Collective and too many other easies to need endure comparison, this startlingly fresh broker of hypnotic sonnets claims to have been bred of “sincere friendships” and “youthful musings.”

The four original members began writing and working as recently as January of 2010 and already they are leaving a mark wherever they are heard. The music that they create, quite simply, turns heads. It demands complete attention, alternately serene and bombastic, passionate and playful, it is something to completely lose yourself in. And that is exactly what those who have seen Clouds in their hometown and along the east coast will tell you.

Clouds entered the studio in July 2010 and after a month of 8-12 hour days finished recording their first full length album. In the process Clouds enlisted the help of Shannon Cantor, who they added as a part-time member in August 2010. Part time so that she can fulfill her other obligations, mainly high school. After a few near-dormant fall months and their very first tour in the Winter of 2010-2011, they finished mixing and mastering the album and are releasing it on March 25th, 2011, a year after their very first show.

Their album exhibits the broad range of their musical influence and prowess. Jeff Buckley meets Fiona Apple in a forest of driving poly-rhythms, folk sensibilities, dense harmonies, and an ever-present all-encompassing atmosphere. Their music is heard with the ears, but felt in the chest.

MZ: Who?
Josh Hines – Vocals, Guitar
Deron Johnson – Vocals, Guitar
Joe Marchese – Bass
Jeff Mach – Drums
Shannon Cantor – Vocals

MZ: Where?
Williamsport, Pa

MZ: For How Long?
Since January 2010

We’re trying to play around as much as we can trying to play regularly in the cities closest to us, New York and Philadelphia. We’re working on organizing a tour that will take us through Ohio and Nashville and all the way down to Florida and back up the East Coast with some friends this Summer.

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