Threads of Americana. Repurposed Traditions and the New German Folk Music

Willy Tea Taylor in Berlin

After the silence induced by the Nazi regime, hybrids of American folk songs with German texts made way for new genres such as krautrock. There were suddenly spaces – dance halls and music circles – blossoming and popular artists found the courage to redefine previously popular songs. […]

Special Report: Life After Linkous’ Life

An essay on the untimely suicide of Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous. […]

EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Waters’ 100 Favorite (as opposed to The Best) Albums of the 00s

Some you hipsters may be aware of a movie called Heathers that came out in another century and pretty much defined the vernacular from which contemporary hipster patois has evolved. In this exclusive, is very proud to share with you Daniel Waters’ top 100 list of favorite albums for the decade that no one knew what to call – 2000-2009. […]

SPECIAL REPORT: The Death of a King – One Week Later

An account of the scene at the site of Michael Jackson’s Walk of Fame star on Hollywood Boulevard on Saturday, June 27, 2009. Commentary includes area crime and commerce, the American Dream, Jackson vs. the media, meerkat vomit and Hardcastle & McCormick. […]