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Nate Currin is’s Indie Artist for the Month for May 2013

Nate Currin music artist - promo shot 1

Nate Currin’s recordings could be taken as a sort of thrift shop treasure trove – moving from cabaret inspired fare like “Vanity Fair,” to rough-around the edges but heart-warming acoustic folk like “Coast to Coast” that could headline any night at Hollywood’s Hotel Cafe, to slick and pop radio ready electro-rock hybrids like “Goodnight California.” This is an artist who follows his whims and executes each new musical experiment as if he owns its very blueprints. […]

Bill Warfield and the New York Jazz Octet is MusicZeitgeist’s Indie Artist of the Month for March 2013

Bill Warfield band photo

Bill Warfield and his trumpet are quite the busy couple. As composer and bandleader for his two current outifts, namely the Bill Warfield Octet and the New York Jazz Octet, he covers a wide variety of musical genres that comprise everything from salsa and funk-tinged to Hard-Bop and move between classic to modern approaches. […]

Artist Profile: Love X Stereo – Rocking in the Shadows of ‘Gangnam Style’

Love X Stereo immediately caught our ear with their daring re-visioning of rock tropes and standards from the 90’s onward and in the process have evolved a sound quite their own. While we feature their improbably fresh version of the often covered Pixies’ song “Wave of Mutilation” in our jukebox, we chose it because it helps to underscore how this band is decidedly different than the sounds to which we have become so accustomed on the radio […]

Sprutbass is’s Indie Music Artist of the Month for November 2012

sprutbass artist photo

Eivind Henjum is the man who singularly operates the drums, synths, samplers and vocoder at live electronic music events around the world under the moniker Sprutbass. With releases via Finnish imprint Harmönia and Ninja Tunes in the UK, his aggressively minimalist ultra-electro-funk grabbed our attention like a needle dragging off a pristine collectible vinyl record. […]