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THIRD MIND is’s Indie Artist of the Month for August 2013

New Jersey hip hop trio THIRD MIND attack their turn at the mic with surprising alacrity. Find out why they are’s Indie Artist of the Month for August 2013… […]

Artist Profile: Danish Band “Afenginn” Deserves Your Winsome Hear-Patterns

afenginn live band photo

Afenginn is a five-piece band based out of Copenhagen, Denmark playing a delirious mix of classical composition, odd Balkan meters, progressive rock, Scandinavian folk music, etc. The music is often quite cinematic and ranges from the smallest pianissimo to wild and roaring parts and is performed on clarinet, violin, mandolin, bass and drums. […]

Randall Shreve & The Sideshow is MusicZeitgeist’s Indie Artist of the Month for June 2013

Dreamy, contemplative and wrought of the highest calibre of musicianship, MZ features the mesmerizing works of one Randal Shreve and the band of roving minstrels more than capable of reinforcing his melodies born of travel on the open road. Meandering from Damien Rice-style ballads (“love, don’t panic (need)“) to a contemporary-production version of Tom […] […]

Artist Profile: “The Thing Is”

The Thing Is - CD Art

From the first few bars of any given recording on music group The Thing Is‘ debut release, it is apparent that predictability is off the menu. Winsome, coquettish turns of time signature and melodic intervals provoke and wink at the listener, suggesting something slightly mysterious and always alluring is about to unfurl. […]