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Clouds Make Sounds is’s May 2011 Indie Artist of the Month

clouds make sounds band photo portrait

Gorgeous, enthusiastic recordings, painstakingly captured tones and lilting nuance populate the latest release from Philadelphia indie band Clouds Make Sounds. […]

John Mancini Band is’s April 2011 Indie Artist of the Month

John Mancini and company caught our attention with his brand of slightly left-of-center, timeless songwriting and arrangements. With crispy clean production and surprising instrumentation, we felt it was only right to wheel the spotlight in his general direction […]

Artist Profile: Dan Miraldi brings the raw back to rawk and all is well

Dan Miraldi might just be the real Rock’n’Roll article. We are hedging our bets that he is. Find out why in the Indie Artist Profile. […]

Artist Profile: London’s The Cellophane Flowers Twist Pop To Suit Their Desires

Wherein introduces London’s The Cellophane Flowers – a band who will twist pop music to suit their desires […]