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Indie Artist Spotlight – Emerald Suspension

emerald suspension

Indie music artist spotlight – Emerald Suspension is an experimental music and art project out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. […]

Indie Music Artist Spotlight – Dark Link Light

Dark Link Light with Rosa, watching

Indie music artist spotlight: Formed in 2016, Dark Link Light comprises Peter James Reeve & John Cox, a songwriting duo, based in London. […]

Indie Music Spotlight – The Sky Blues

The Sky Blue

The Sky Blues are an indie-folk band from Perth, Australia. Drawing influences from some of the saddest names in the business, The Sky Blues have been likened to the crushing lyrics and haunting melodies of Keaton Henson/Julien Baker, but with the intricate folk guitar and soundscape production of Fleet Foxes/Bon Iver. Emerging from the long […] […]

Indie Music Spotlight – Kristofer Axén – The Creek and the Carving

Kristofer Axén

“The Creek And the Carving” is Kristofer Axén’s second album. The new album is a multilayered story investigating themes far beyond the heart-break formula. Thirteen songs crafted against a backdrop of dry instrumentation bringing out an immediacy and intimacy of each sound, contrasting the synthesized packaging of many indie acts. […]