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Kwanza Jones is’s Indie Music Artist of the Month for September 2012


Kwanza Jones is’s Supercharged Indie Artist of the Month for September 2012. Listen to the electro-trance/pop anthem “Think Again” from her latest release right here… […]

JANE’S ADDICTION Offer Free New Track “END TO THE LIES” Well Before the August Release Date

Jane’s Addiction are giving away a free download of the final mix of ”End To The Lies” from their upcoming album THE GREAT ESCAPE ARTIST – their first studio album in eight years. […]

A History and a Preview: Pete Yorn at the Wiltern Theatre, April 6, 2011

A history and a preview of Pete Yorn, playing at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, April 6th, 2011… […]

Free MP3 Download: Antonymes – ‘Endlessly’ – gorgeous ambient minimalism

In its opening moments, ‘Endlessly’ patiently weaves traces of nature with unearthly, oscillating tones, creating a delicate, pensive atmosphere. Its apex comes halfway through as the gentle tones give way to a strident, emotive piano theme. Download the free mp3 now. […]