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Disciples of Alternative Rock Rejoice The Jesus Lizard Is Reborn

Jesus Lizard is the unsung evil step twin, musically speaking, of The Pixies; wrapping devilishly rich poetry loaded with acerbic wit and grim post-modern fairy tales around a taut, sinewy and often sparse rock arrangements. They will share the opening night bill for the Chicago music fest with other 90’s alternative faves Tortoise, Built To Spill and Yo La Tengo. […]

Show Preview: The Morning After Girls at the Viper Room, Thurs. Jan. 29

Goddamn do I hate the cliché of the snarky blogster. And now, thanks to The Morning After Girls, I’ve become one. See, there’s good news and bad news: The good news is that all indications from new music on TMAG’s myspace page are that after six years, they might have finally realized their 60s pop-meets-shoegaze mission statement. After […] […]

Artist Profile: Vapor Mache is ready to glitch your brain.

I could almost boast that I saw the evolution of glitch in front of my very eyes. Despite my own history making ambient music influenced by FSOL, Can and Pete Namlook, I claim absolutely no contribution to this movement, but I can say I was there. I think it had something to do with people who had the tools, the pedigree and the fact that they were making jingles, and so had hundreds if not thousands of bits of audio that they reassembled into micro-edited music-concrete. But the difference here, that made it something beyond experimental noise for the “advanced music appreciationist” was that it SLAMMED. This stuff was groovy, sexy and could stand up by anything the Neptunes could throw at you. […]

VIDEO: Eskimohunter – Live in Tokyo

In case you have been wondering what ever happened to hot L.A. wombadelics Eskimohunter, they are alive and well and rocking Japan: This is the last song of their set “ICE STATION ZEBRA” at Cave Be in TOKYO. […]