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Download a free mp3 by monstrous indie Elogy before their April 30 show in Lake Forest, CA

If you like Muse or Coldplay, download a free mp3 by monstrous indie Elogy […]

INTERVIEW: Tom Schraeder

A 2010 interview with Chicago-based singer-songwriter Tom Schraeder. […]

Artist Profile: Kathryn Caine – Have Guitar and Will Travel

Hailing from Charlottesville Va, Kathryn Caine records deliciously realized traditional country bluegrass with a soulful edge that sounds familiar yet somehow very contemporary. […] Presents Humboldt Lagoon – March 2010 Indie Artist of the Month

It’s rare that a place like MZ that hears literally hundreds of new songs by hundreds of new artists every month, encounters something this good, that it hadn’t known about before. But it’s really that good. Humbodlt Lagoon, for those of you too fickle, ADD or otherwise, to listen, is pulsing, breathing, stream of consciousness, mind-bending, intellectual, visceral and totally rocks. […]