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Sprutbass is’s Indie Music Artist of the Month for November 2012

sprutbass artist photo

Eivind Henjum is the man who singularly operates the drums, synths, samplers and vocoder at live electronic music events around the world under the moniker Sprutbass. With releases via Finnish imprint Harmönia and Ninja Tunes in the UK, his aggressively minimalist ultra-electro-funk grabbed our attention like a needle dragging off a pristine collectible vinyl record. […]

Kwanza Jones is’s Indie Music Artist of the Month for September 2012


Kwanza Jones is’s Supercharged Indie Artist of the Month for September 2012. Listen to the electro-trance/pop anthem “Think Again” from her latest release right here… […]

Artist Profile: Bulat Gafarov – Russian multi-instrumentalist’s collection spans over 300 instruments, and he plays them all

Bulat_Gafarov - An Artist Profile

Moscow-based multi-instrumentalist Bulat Gafarov has a collection of over three hundred unique instruments from around the world, and he plays them all with varying degrees of mastery. […]

Artist Profile: The Hitchhiker – South Korean indie outfit goes deep

the hitchhiker - acrylic_on_canvas_40x40cm - 2010

In William Gibson’s “Pattern Recognition”, a data miner sets out to aggregate and assemble a series of photographs produced by a mysterious creator who may be a sort of Kubrick-esque savant and whose stills elicit profound emotional impact and meaning when viewed. In some way, The Hitchhiker, hailing from the land of K-Pop and […] […]