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The Top 50 Best Albums of 2012 –

The final list is essentially a guide to some of the most adventurous, beguiling and intriguing music we encountered in 2012. We hope this helps broaden your record collection and reinforce your interest and appreciation for contemporary music, which is our mandate. […]

Sprutbass is’s Indie Music Artist of the Month for November 2012

sprutbass artist photo

Eivind Henjum is the man who singularly operates the drums, synths, samplers and vocoder at live electronic music events around the world under the moniker Sprutbass. With releases via Finnish imprint Harmönia and Ninja Tunes in the UK, his aggressively minimalist ultra-electro-funk grabbed our attention like a needle dragging off a pristine collectible vinyl record. […]

Kwanza Jones is’s Indie Music Artist of the Month for September 2012


Kwanza Jones is’s Supercharged Indie Artist of the Month for September 2012. Listen to the electro-trance/pop anthem “Think Again” from her latest release right here… […]

Artist Profile: England in 1819

England in 1819

MusicZeitgeist profiles ethereal rockers England in 1819 in its ongoing search for the best new indie music today. […]