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Artist Profile: Vapor Mache is ready to glitch your brain.

I could almost boast that I saw the evolution of glitch in front of my very eyes. Despite my own history making ambient music influenced by FSOL, Can and Pete Namlook, I claim absolutely no contribution to this movement, but I can say I was there. I think it had something to do with people who had the tools, the pedigree and the fact that they were making jingles, and so had hundreds if not thousands of bits of audio that they reassembled into micro-edited music-concrete. But the difference here, that made it something beyond experimental noise for the “advanced music appreciationist” was that it SLAMMED. This stuff was groovy, sexy and could stand up by anything the Neptunes could throw at you. […]

Google Shuts Down Video, Big Labels drop DRM and Indie 103.1 R.I.P

There is a lot to report in the music world this week, major changes, shifts in policy and the death of what may have been one of the best radio stations ever. […]

Create Indie Music – Six Hot Tips for Creating Indie Music at Home

Whether you try to compose a song on the piano, guitar, or drums etc. playing extemporaneously can really unleash your creativity, and help you compose music that you may not have even believed you were capable of creating. When you create your indie music, unleash your creativity without thinking about it. Don’t think about every note or scale you’re playing, JUST PLAY to create music that is truly unique, and set your music and talents apart from others. Chances are you’ll be extremely pleased with your results. Please read the entire article to learn more. […]

Video: The Most Amazing (unexpected) Drum Solo Ever

Here is a video that shows Stevie throwing down a surprise drum solo that blows anything else you may have seen out of the water. This should throw some gasoline on yr next Rock Band sesh. […]