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Special Report: Life After Linkous’ Life

An essay on the untimely suicide of Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous. […]

Tragic Josh’s Top Music Spins – January 14th, 2010 Edition

Tragic Josh is back to curate another list of goodness to stuff in your ear and eye holes. The January 14th, 2010 edition. […]

Disciples of Alternative Rock Rejoice The Jesus Lizard Is Reborn

Jesus Lizard is the unsung evil step twin, musically speaking, of The Pixies; wrapping devilishly rich poetry loaded with acerbic wit and grim post-modern fairy tales around a taut, sinewy and often sparse rock arrangements. They will share the opening night bill for the Chicago music fest with other 90’s alternative faves Tortoise, Built To Spill and Yo La Tengo. […]

Microsoft Songsmith Signals the End of the Human Musician

Microsoft Songsmith is new software from Redmond that actually introduces a pretty cool technological maneuver: it parses a musical vocal passage and attempts to add auto accompaniment in a variety of styles, taking cues from the user as to emotional scale ranging from happy and sad to genre based generalities like “jazzy” and “twist” and gee, I dunno, a train smashing into a muzak jukebox. […]