Michael Jackson Video Tribute

We liked this heart-achingly sweet compilation of some rare Michaal Jackson video to the tune of “Smile”. If this doesn’t get the tear ducts going you might already be dead. Gentle giant indeed. […]

Microsoft Songsmith Signals the End of the Human Musician

Microsoft Songsmith is new software from Redmond that actually introduces a pretty cool technological maneuver: it parses a musical vocal passage and attempts to add auto accompaniment in a variety of styles, taking cues from the user as to emotional scale ranging from happy and sad to genre based generalities like “jazzy” and “twist” and gee, I dunno, a train smashing into a muzak jukebox. […]

Artist Profile: Vapor Mache is ready to glitch your brain.

I could almost boast that I saw the evolution of glitch in front of my very eyes. Despite my own history making ambient music influenced by FSOL, Can and Pete Namlook, I claim absolutely no contribution to this movement, but I can say I was there. I think it had something to do with people who had the tools, the pedigree and the fact that they were making jingles, and so had hundreds if not thousands of bits of audio that they reassembled into micro-edited music-concrete. But the difference here, that made it something beyond experimental noise for the “advanced music appreciationist” was that it SLAMMED. This stuff was groovy, sexy and could stand up by anything the Neptunes could throw at you. […]

VIDEO: Keram Live at the El Mocambo – Robot Pride Day, 2008

Singer/songwriter and founder of the Constant Change Music label Keram Malicki-Sanchez (aka “Keram”) has posted a new live video from the Robot Pride Day festival in Toronto that took place this year at the El Mocambo in Toronto, Canada. He is joined onstage by former Blue Dog Pict band-mate Pete Devlin (electric guitar) and tabla master Ritesh Das of the Toronto Tabla Ensemble. […]