Artist Profile: The Hitchhiker – South Korean indie outfit goes deep

the_hitchhiker-indie-band-south-koreaIn William Gibson’s “Pattern Recognition”, a data miner sets out to aggregate and assemble a series of photographs produced by a mysterious creator who may be a sort of Kubrick-esque savant and whose stills elicit profound emotional impact and meaning when viewed. In some way, The Hitchhiker, hailing from the land of K-Pop and MMORPGS induces the same form of enigma, producing avant-garde 20th century composition from synthesizers and acoustic guitars that pay homage to Dante, the pursuit of the Holy Grail and William Blake. Reminiscent of an equally enigmatic but immediately alluring band – former Death Metalheads “Necrocock”, we submerged and traversed deeper into the underbelly of the cybersphere to collect some insight:

MusicZeitgeist: Tell us about The Hitchhiker and its objectives:
The Hitchhiker: We really appreciate sound created in an unorthodox way. We are greatly interested in concepts of the so-called ‘sublime’ in aesthetics and are inspired from the art and literature related with these concepts. Our music dramatically changed after we discovered Blake’s prophetic poems and Milton’s epic poem ‘Paradise Lost’. We are firmly established in this musical direction.

MZ: How would you classify your work for today’s audiences?
THH: Some would say post-rock with progressive tendencies, or a mix of post-gothic with modern classic features, but no matter how our music differs in form, structure, and genre there is a clear, coherent image of emotions that permeate our music which is unique.

MZ: Talk about your recent exploits and how your work is being received by the public…
THH: We were recently officially invited to prestigious film festivals for creating the musical score for an artsy horror film, The Metamorphosis was shot in a 1920s silent movie style and we made proper avant-gard music for it. The film will be screened at Edinburgh International Film Festival ) in June 2012 and Moscow International Film Festival and the film already screened at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (LAAPFF) in May 2012, our world premiere.

MZ: What is next on the agenda for The Hitchhiker?
THH: Our debut album ‘Insatiable Curiousity’ released at 2011 is currently available at iTunes store and we are now working on our new album (2CD) that we expect to be released in 2012 (we deeply hope to release this double album through record label)

## Video : The Giant Part 1. [Hexameron] : The Giant Part 2. [Gigantes] : The Giant Part 3. [Burial of William Blake] : The Giant Part 4. [Holiest Grail]

## Live performance : The Giant Part 1. [Hexameron] : The Giant Part 1. [Hexameron] + The Giant Part 2. [Gigantes]

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