Artist Profile: Quinn Deveaux

Quinn Deveaux

Quinn Deveaux

Every so often something comes across my desk that not only causes me to pick my jaw off the floor, but reminds why I began this effort.  I don’t know Quinn Deveaux, but something inside of me implicitly resonates with what he is doing.  This is one of those rare artists that reminds us that the essence of human soul is alive and well and living, in its most visceral form, in new independent music.

Music Zeitgeist had the opportunity to ask Quinn some questions: Who?

Quinn DeVeaux: Riding the sea of performers’ past.  At the helm for the past eight years with some type of animal and a telescope just a searching for a hairline up ahead. There’s so much out there that rocks and reels. So you dig it up or pick it out like poppies and it helps you through. There’s Muddy Waters, Chris Kenner, Howlin Wolf, Fats Domino, Ray Charles, Gary Davis, and Bo Diddley and so on. Also Vetiver and Thee Oh Sees. 

MZ: What?

QD: New Orleans Blue Beat and soul and folk revival.  The sound is brand new but firmly fingered in the past.  The good old stuff that you grow in the dirt will taste better.  Red dirt, brown dirt peach dirt.  Once I had tomatoes from my own garden.  Well it was my roommates garden but I lived in the house and these tomatoes were delicious like you could taste the sun with seeds and sweet red deliverance.  So I try to make music in my own back yard.

MZ: Why? 

QD: I am inspired by honest and little things and it’s just my way of giving back.  I am trying to discover other ways.  Friends get bored when you write too many songs about them.  Maybe they’re worried.  I might be worried.  To play a tune to hum from here to where we’re bound.  To accompany us on the way like the fried chicken Mum made for the journey. 

MZ: Until When?

QD: Until we have overtaken the yard and delved into questions most inappropriately divine and subject to consideration during the darkest nights and sweetest days. 

MZ: Where?

QD: I’ve already answered that question.  In the backyard.

In the dirt.  From here to where we’re bound.

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