Artist Profile: Midori/Audioclique

Midori/Audioclique Fronted by comely siren Midori Longo, Midori/Audioclique is a West Coast outfit that straddles the narrowing line between long-tail Jessica Simpson bands like Paramore->Be Your Own Pet and the wild wild world of self-produced ever-more widely available independent releases that take chances in the production room and sometimes crank out something that intertextually (so not a real word) leans on the wide-open sound of Zeppelin and what No Doubt must have sounded like before their first major label (read gated toms) outing. This project rides the wave in both directions, promising a fresh voice and one that is institutionally sanctioned by the payola powers that be.

It is in this very dichotomy that the interest lies.

Midori’s voice has all the making of mainstream stardom and the band that she rides understands the gravity of letting the moment ride, calling on vintage recording techniques and broad sounding mixes that remind us that there is a life in all this, not just an agenda to cut through the clamor. It will be interesting to see how they proceed, for indeed they will either blow open a door or walk through another where the party is well attended and they will scan the room in fear that someone may already be wearing the same dress.

Let’s give ’em an A. Cuz the sound, when it’s sound, is sexy and so is she.

In their words:

(Music Zeitgeist) Who:

We are a young Bay Area band with a mix of influences that creates a unique sound. Our songs have been featured on slicethepie, pulse radio, and Our sound can be described as organic, classic rock fused with a modern presence a lá Beatles meets Avril meets Zepplin meets Sheryl Crow meets Matchbox [20]. Four of our songs won several awards on garageband[.com], including track of the day, track of the week, and several number one spots in the Bay Area music category.

In January 2007, our song ‘Dangerous Side’ was featured on the UK radio show The Rock Show with Wyatt Wendels (SKY 0155 UK).

We also made it to the Showcase Round for – AllGenres 4 Arena, and placed 3rd out of 1000 entrants (we were the top ranked U.S. band).

Recently, Midori won Singer Universe’s Best Vocalist of the Month competition for her song ‘Close Your Eyes,’ and will be featured on their home page from 5/8/2008-6/8/2008.

We LOVE to play and we want to be heard and to build a strong fan base. We want to share our music, and there’s no better rush than playing for people that are totally into your music :D !!!

Until when:
Until we die, of course.

And then:
…we will decompose instead of compose.

Midori Longo- lead vocals
Kevin McCammon-bass
Ron Longo- guitar, vox
Conor McCammon- keyboards
Dylan Garrison- Drums

Debut CD to be released June 2008.

Listen to Midori/audioclique’s track “Go” at

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