Artist Profile: Love X Stereo – Rocking in the Shadows of ‘Gangnam Style’

LOVE X STEREO official photo Love X Stereo immediately caught our ear with their daring re-visioning of rock tropes and standards from the 90’s onward and in the process have evolved a sound quite their own. While we feature their improbably fresh version of the often covered Pixies’ song “Wave of Mutilation” in our jukebox, we chose it because it helps to underscore how this band is decidedly different than the sounds to which we have become so accustomed on the radio, while still sounding polished and professionally recorded. We took the opportunity to ask the band some basic questions in hopes of getting some insight into their origins and philosophy.

Hello, we are Love X Stereo. We are the new breed of alternative/electro rock. All of our members are very much into alternative rock from the 90s. (Probably because we were troubled teenagers back then…?) We try to infuse it with interesting electro elements to create 21st century style, our kind of music.

We were originally a punk rock band called “Skrew Attack”, one of the first sk8 punk rock band in Korean music history. Our guitarist Toby was (and always will be) the founder and leader of the band. But along the way, Annie joined as our lead vocalist, and our music started to change. After five years of working together, we realized we simply wanted to be highly inspired by making new sound, new visions to inspire others as well. So nowadays, we do anything and everything, basically.

Our band is based in Seoul, Korea. 1/6 of the people on this planet now know where Gangnam is, but sadly we live in Gangbuk (north side of Hangang river). Seoul is a very vibrant, very wired, fast-paced city. But like everything has the good and the bad, Seoul is a pretty tough place to live as an indie musician, that’s for sure. Due to the fact that the Korean music industry is so focused on K-pop, the rest of the music business is quite dead here — especially rock music. But despite the harsh reality, there is a lot of talent just waiting to burst onto the scene. Maybe if we get lucky enough to go beyond our beliefs, get recognized by the other side of the world, people might notice that there are much more in Korea, more than just “Gangnam Style”.

Jisan Valley Rock Festival_1
On October 2012, we released our EP album “Off The Grid”. We mostly focused on the variety of the sound and the overall scale of the music. This is ultimately what we’re aiming for – overpowering sound, danceable beat, and mystical vibe, all tide into alternative rock & electronica.

We always do cover art projects from time to time, and these are definitely the most beloved pieces on our SoundCloud (more than our own songs.) Recently we released a new cover art “In the House, In a Heartbeat” by John Murphy, the original soundtrack of film ‘28 Days Later (2002)’, to celebrate Korean pop art exhibition “Heroes and Zombies (Jan 25—Feb 3)”. Please download it, it’s free.

For How Long?
Our band is only one year old now. But if we add up our members’ musical background altogether, probably more than 40 years give or take. We are relatively experienced compared to our fellow artists here, and we do all of our song-writing, arrangement, recording, mixing and producing by ourselves at our humble LXS studio.

What’s Next?
We are currently on our way to meet more fans around the world through radio, internet, social media and so on, and do live performances as much as we can. We are expecting a music video (till February), some collaboration work with local/overseas djs, Japan tour before summer, and hopefully Europe/US tour before the end of the year.

Love X Stereo - band photo

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