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KeyDragon arises with a new collection of songs that evoke a spectrum of parallels – everything from Cocteau Twins, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Necrocock, GWAR and His Name Is Alive.  But it is as fresh and unique in its own right for the commitment to its own dimension that its members lend it.  


MusicZeitgeist took some time out to interview Tamara Venus Star – the band’s female vocalist. Who?

Tamara Venus Star: Keydragon. Tamara Venus Star – lead female vocalist.

MZ: What?

TVS: A project/albums that I am enjoying immensely.

MZ: Why?

TVS:  I find it extremely fullfilling to sing words that take me to a place where the “Dragon” exists; the Dragon is a beautiful, powerful, creature which has taken me and you to the heights of mountains, over rivers, into caves, through water, over water and into the day and night sky. The colors of these fantasy lands in which I roam are vibrant in color – rainbow landscape with fascinating ethnic/Gothic tales. Looking at it from an ultimate esoteric spiritual aspect, the sacred practice of Kriya Yoga in which I study and practice, is otherwise known as “The Dragon’s breath.”  As I record these songs in Ron Langford’s studio, I strive to keep in mind the Kriya practice as I breathe in, up the right side of the spine and down the left~ always keeping in mind the spiritual eye. The true focus and placement of the soul. Dipping down deep into my soul for meaning in music and lyrics, I find myself flying as my breathwork brings deep meaning to the work I do as a vocalist.  It brings me joy and happiness.  This is the essence of a successful life: enjoying and finding happiness in it.  

KeyDragon has much meaning in my life – it has been there for me as we go into creating album after album to capture the true essence of the Dragon and it’s sweet counterpart~soft, secure, fearless, feminine acknowledgment.

Oh yes, there are teenagers involved in the CD projects of KeyDragon due to Ron Langford’s involvement as a teacher. That is a major plus in my interest with KeyDragon.  The kids have a contest of who can draw the best Dragon, and the winning Dragon’s get to be on the album.

MZ: Until When?

TVS: Until we are set for life and we all have our own land and can drink from our own wells. Water is very important to a Dragon.

MZ: Where?

TVS: Everywhere. Up in the sky, down under, around and around and spiraling up through all of the chakra’s into the third eye and from there, forever in bliss.

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