Artist Profile: Jehan’s delicate subversion through sincerity


Jehan is a twenty-four-year-old Australian songwriter who fuses intricate guitar work with a soft lyrical sensibility. There is a kind of raw sincerity in his intention (“At the Gate”) that still somehow manages to transcend an overpopulated boy-folk-singer market.  Matched with lovely production, Jehan is a new voice worthy of notice.

In 2008, Jehan played over a hundred gigs and moved from the humble beginnings of busking in tunnels and open mic nights to supporting established artists and playing at many a prestigious venue.  His debut EP “Shooting Ships and Sinking Stars” is his first studio record and was made with the intention of capturing the vibe of his music in all its honesty.

MusicZeitgeist conducted the following interview with the busy songwriter/performer:

MZ: Who?

Jehan on guitar and vocals. Drums and bass provided but the incredible Josh Schuberth who produced the EP. Watch for a foot stomp in live appearances, not to mention a talented cellist and percussionist.

MZ: What?

Playing some intricate guitar work with some mellow vocals to balance, I try to bring my own vibe to acoustic folk music. There’s a lot of variety on his debut studio EP “Shooting Ships and Sinking Stars” with elements of indie pop and acoustic folk. The songs are best known for their honest vibe, which was always the idea for my music. The lyrics can be a bit on the dark side considering the often upbeat feel of the record. The main theme, for me, has been of celebrating life for the bittersweet experience it is without ignoring the negative or obscuring the positive. It’s been quite a journey, funding a record and slowly getting it to the attention of the slowly encroaching masses.

MZ: Why?

I guess I had these melodies and rhythms in my head that slowly began to take form until I had to do them justice on a record. I was living a normal life a few years ago but this obsession pretty much stole my life and I haven’t really looked back since.

MZ: Until When?

I suppose I keep this going until the real world catches up to me and I have to provide for a family or just get a job out of some kind of mid life crisis. Although I don’t think anything could put Pandora back in the box at this point!


MZ: Where?

I’m from Sydney but just moved to Melbourne. I’ll be doing gigs in both cities until I do my East Coast tour at the end of this year. It’s going to be an exciting time! I plan play around the entire world on a shoestring budget and enjoy every moment. I don’t have delusions of superstardom but I plan to get my music to real people in as many places as I can…

Find out more at:

Official Site

Available for purchase:
Shooting Ships and Sinking Stars (Debut EP)

Listen now to “‘At the Gate” by Jehan at

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