Artist Profile: Dynamo Bliss is Exporting Sticky, Trippy Recordings From Sweden

Easily navigating between NYC-era Lennon, Crowded House, Air Supply, Stereolab, The Beach Boys, XTC, Ben Folds, Roxy Music, Pink Floyd and maybe even Snow Patrol, Swedish indie act Dynamo Bliss starts to sound like something all its own – something very fresh and exciting. We strongly recommend a listen, or five.

We flew our very best journalist 15 hours across the ocean to ask the band a little something something in hopes of figuring out just how they are producing these lush, sticky melodies.  Unfortunately he got laid over in Heathrow for three days and then ended up just taking a train to Paris where he still lives with some Gypsy he met at an underground gathering of some new revolutionary movement that we can’t pronounce, or spell.  So we got these answers via Skype instead:

MusicZeitgeist: Who?

Mikael Sandström – vocals, guitars and bass
Stefan Olofsson – vocals, keyboards and bass
Peter Olofsson – drums and percussion

MZ: What?

We play art rock with nods to The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Electric Light Orchestra and 10CC. We incorporate small elements of jazz (Miles Davis, Bill Evans) and classical (Bach, Bartók, Dulufré and Prokofiev). The latter is something we’re exploring more and more.

MZ: Why?

Music, as any other art form, needs to reinvent itself. Otherwise it will stagnate and become obsolete. We seek to compose music that is new, yet accessible.

MZ: Until When?

We’re nowhere near retirement!

MZ: Where?

We’re located in a small town in the north of Sweden. The winters are pretty long and there’s a lot of time for rehearsals.

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