Artist Profile: Dan Miraldi brings the raw back to rawk and all is well

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First impressions can be deceiving.  That’s what happens every time I put on Dan Miraldi’s recordings.  I think, what was it again I liked so much about this?  After all it could sound just like one a million other bands with a couple of days in the studio, striving for that “live-off-the-floor” sound, wavering vocals and hand claps.

Except it isn’t that. No, it is not like that at all. Sure, there is enough gee-whiz callbacking to 50’s doo wop to exhume Eddie and all the Cruisers, except that there is real sincerity here, not kitschy self-conscious gimmickery. There is real song writing, playing, melody writing. In other words, all of the above suspicions and wariness fade away after ten seconds, presumably as long as it takes to dissolve the jadedness and cynicism, and then you find your head stuck deep inside the speaker cone, wanting to rock the fuck out with some seriously catchy, smacking Rock’n’Roll from some young’uns still full of piss and vinegar from the Rock’n’Roll capital of the world.

I won’t bother to start pulling out lazy comparisons like Ramones, Stooges or *gasp* Strokes, (shit sometimes it suggests the best of Phoenix, or even even stranger – Bowie, Smiths or Queen) because they are only similar in energy and catchiness. In fact, within four or five songs, you will hear all manner of styles, not only three-chord rock, whose only constant is Miraldi’s charismatic voice which quivers and wobbles with intention, and generally just great songwriting. A promising act to keep your ears on.

Here is what the kid had to say for himself:

MZ: Who?
My name is Dan Miraldi. I am 24 years old.

When I play out live, it’s Dan Miraldi & the Albino Winos, which features:

Dan Miraldi: lead vocals, guitar, keys
Alex Bowers: lead guitar & backing vocals
Joe LaGuardia: bass & backing vocals
Sarah Luffred: drums & backing vocals

MZ: What?
I am currently promoting my new EP Tease. The EP was released this fall and is being distributed through itunes, amazon and CD Baby.

MZ: Where?
My band and I operate out of the charming city of Cleveland, OH.

MZ: Why?
Why Cleveland? Because it’s a totally under-rated city.

Why have I chosen this path? Most college graduates graduate having no clue as to what they really want to do with their lives, let alone what to do with their degree. When I graduated (with a degree in English), I knew that I wanted to be a rock n roll singer.

I knew it when I was eight-years-old, the first time I saw Elvis Presley in Viva Las Vegas, and when I heard the Beatles singing “Do You Want To Know A Secret” on the oldies station.

I knew it when I was nearly arrested at age fifteen, having successfully gotten past security to meet one of the Rolling Stones. You get one life. The music and the band is me living mine.

MZ: Until When?
For as long as I can get along with it or until I stop finding this to be a fulfilling career choice.

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