Artist Profile: Crocodile

Dear Mr./Ms. band named Crocodile:

You don’t know me, and I don’t know you – I am not a stalker, but I am really a fan of your music. It reminds me of when I was a teenager and it was the beginning of the 90’s and I listened to the Vaselines (who are going to play their first-ever US show this year) and Spin Magazine actually mattered because it was subversive and daring in its taste, and I liked Stereolab and early Ween, and I liked getting high and I played around with my Korg Analogue sequencer and we had BBQ’s and sometimes I would stay up all night thinking about things like who I would wanted to hook up with, what God might be and where all of this was going.

I had two massive wooden speakers with huge 20″ cones on either side of my bed and I would fall asleep to Ministry, The Dark Side of the Moon or Talk Talk’s Laughing Stock and sometimes I would listen to mix-tapes someone at the rival high-school made for me and left in my locker anonymously and the sound of the hiss shutting off meant I could finally turn off my mind and go to sleep.

Thank you for your new record “The Great Depression” – it was really fun to listen to, and for a second I felt like it was then again, and I could go play with the willow tree at my grandparent’s yard and your CD sounds more crystal clear than those mix-tapes sounded and the music is good. I know you are “just” an indie, but I hope that lots of people get to hear your music, because you rock in a really good way.

(Music Zeitgeist) Who?
We are Crocodile from Oklahoma City, OK.

We are a three-piece band that makes a mean pop cocktail and we’re not afraid to sing songs about unicorns and sex. But we don’t really. Synthcore, essentially – you dig? There are approximately 200 plastic & wooden “ivory” keys on our stage. We play them all.

Because Ace Frehley isn’t looking so hot these days and someone’s gotta carry that torch to the finish line.

Until when?
Until we’re 30. That’s the pact we’ve made.

But we’ve also been known to not acknowledge the concept of time. We’re often late to every show we play. Sometimes we show up before we’ve even been booked. So who knows really…

And then?
We’ll become responsible adults and ride off into the sunset on our donkeys.

Raechel Brown – vocals, synths, guitars, theremin
Derek Brown – vocals, synths, guitars
Dusty Nelson – drums

The Great Depression – EP (2008), self released

Listen to Crocodile’s track “August Is Over” at

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