Artist Profile: Beware Fashionable Women

beware fashionable womenIrony. Indie Rock. Self-consciousness. Post-modernity = that delicious 90’s milkshake that indies can’t quite seem to outpace. I get it – everyone is rather sick and tired of turning on the Guy Smiley for the cynical critics.  Well, it doesn’t really matter how you wrap it, so long as the lollipop tastes good. BFW write songs that remind me of Teenage Fanclub, (sometimes even early Stereolab with Brian Wilson singing backups) and they approach their marketing in pretty much the same way TFC did too. The good news is – Teenage Fanclub wrote great pop songs.  BFW does too.

We asked the LA-based four-piece some fundamental questions and here is what they volleyed in return:

MZ: Who?

Beware Fashionable Women (BFW to our friends), collectively are respectable musicians who possess the ability to be the worst celebrities. We are four guys who look exactly like any other four guys you would find in a local ma and pa music shop or record store.

MZ: What?

BFW: We appreciate the irony of They Might Be Giants, the dire lyrical nature of The Eels, and the melodic sweetness of Elvis Costello. Why must a band only encompass one version of that vague idea that is pop music? BFW understands that labels, managers, bookers, and indeed the listening public would much prefer a band that stuck to one thing and repeated themselves into oblivion. This is why BFW is destined for failure. The inclusion of jazz voicings, Beach Boy harmonies, and Latin rhythms is only a sliver of the variety the band plans on exploring on future releases.

MZ: Why?

BFW: We like our songs. We thought other people might like them too. People seem to be responding well to them, and that just encourages us to keep pushing.

MZ: Until When?

BFW: The Mayans say 2012.

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