Artist Profile: Austrian Rockers Palindrome Give Prog a Really Good Name

Austria_prog-band_Palindrome_band_photo Austrian band Palindrome comprises musicians who arrive at their union from a wide variety of different influential genres: a rioting Ex-President of the Austrian National Union of Students, a keyboard-smashing Metal-Freak, a Brass trumpeting ‘n Bass slapping but headbanging Jazz old-hand, a sound-smashing drum-banging YEAH!YEAH!YEAH!-MAN and an unusual “dot on the i” guitarist who is unusually modest. It is the only way that their incredible mix of skillfully executed musical adventures could be explained.

The band brings colorful experiences from a variety of side-projects that include vocal training on Resistance Demos, touring all over Europe with Thrash-Band Freund Hein, jamming with Karl Ratzer, rocking with Radio FM4-beloved “Curbs” or checking out harmonies on lonely nights.

All of which is necessary to attempt to put into words what they actually sound like, which some less imaginative types may attempt to file under prog or Coheed & Cambria, but then they would have to talk about the Bristol sound component to the recordings, the Drum’N’Bass elements, or the avant-garde elements that wind their way around the tough as nails chunkiness that bursts through from loftier passages.

We decided to ask the band some questions to see if we could get any closer to a definition of what you, the good listener might be in for should you not have headphones or speakers at your disposal, or perhaps in the event that you are deaf. As might be expected, the answers were often as obtuse as the arrangements, and whether or not that is typically your bag, Palindrome rocked our faces off.

MusicZeitgeist: What is Palindrome?

We tried to combine our different but therefore rich approaches to a melodic offbeat. It is always a challenge to get it tricky, surprising, but still kind of harmonic. As for modern categorization, you could say Palindrome is Progressive Crossover, or Progressive Rock with some World and Pop influences. For now, we try to stress the Prog rock drive. Our current live setlist comprises our most dynamic songs and we strive to achieve a high-energy stage presence. We want our tunes to affect the personal mind in word, melody and precisely performed dynamics.

MZ: What drives the creation of your music?

There are many styles that we love to perform. Call us high-brow, but according to our taste, the music industry has declined in singularity. There are enough good bands making songs that matter, but listening to the average Music Market we wonder where the critical and creative potential of music-making has gone. Having finished our album, we deal with this issue and its connections in several ways. “Profit vs. WoMankind” is an ode to making music in an open-minded way; it is a contribution to a pluralistic music scene; the lyrics pursue this desire for free space in a more abstract way. They try to give a critical view on our civilization, its profit-seeking nature and its separation through individualization.  In the face of drastic humanitarian developments, the question arises: “Where to start with effective opposition?”

At this point you have to blind out the fact that your chances will be slight. Shoot forward into public discourse! We feel obliged to account for that process with our album. Good music does not always have to be good news, you know…

MZ: So when will you know Palindromes’ work is done?

Let’s see, how long we can finance our music independently?  The way we see it, the ambiance in the Band is enriching. (smiles and winks)

MZ: Tell us more about where you are based and how it informs your output?

We’re from Lower Austria, a region around Vienna.  It’s a fruitful atmosphere close to the vibrant Viennese music scene and its considerable alternative activism that inspires our sessions. That’s where and how we make our songs, but playing there doesn’t mean that we don’t push beyond our origins.  We would like to expand our airplay – thanks must be given right away to alternative stations like Radio Orange, Radio Y and OktoTV for supporting us. Right now, we’re planning to explore Eastern Europe – we’re already looking forward to playing in Vilnius/Lithuania at the Baltic Progfest in July. We hope to add some gigs in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, so keep your fingers crossed for us!

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