Ambient electronic music that blows my dress up

Burial - Untrue
Burial -“Shell of Light” – Album: Untrue
Why: cuz it sounds like the beat from Orbital’s “Wish I Had Duck Feet” with Beth Gibbons melting like a birth candle over top

fizzarum – “exivyd” – Album: monochrome plural
Why: obviously made by a brain jettisoned into space after the biomech upgrades went wrong. But in a really zen way. In other words – just the real deal.

Jack Wall, Sam Hulick, Richard Jacques, David Kates – Album: Mass Effect Original Game Soundtrack
Why: Because it often leans towards Richard James Selected Ambient Works 2, and it does it right. Made finishing this massive RPG a lot more satisfying. More of this in games please.

Santana – “Mantra’ – Album: Lotus (disc 2)
Why: This rare import of Santana live in Japan back in the mid 70’s is just the lick. Insane percussion, stream of consciousness, fat analog synths and psychotropics. At about 180bpms. Amazing.

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