51 Great Music Tracks From 2009

by tragic josh

ED: This is the first in a series of end of the year and end of the decade music lists by music loving savants and celebs that MZ will be presenting. Stay tuned to make sure you catch them all.

Here are 50 great tracks from 2009. Well, pretty much from 2009. It’s tracks that I came across in 2009. The Groove Armada is quite old, the Snowblink is from 2008, but on the whole i think it’s pretty true to 2009. And I missed out a track from We Were Promised Jetpacks, but the album’s amazing, so just go and get it. It’s not in any way supposed to be an esoteric list, I just don’t seem to be a huge fan of all the mass-acclaim records of the past year, such as Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective, to name but two.

I freaked out over Loney Dear this year, and seem to have generally been enthralled by Scandinavian albums, by Mew, Loney Dear, Slaraffenland, and other notable mentions by Dan Mangan, Local Natives, Freelance Whales, jj, The Wooden Sky, Arms, Brothers of End, Magneta Lane, Bahamas, Asobi Seku, Blindfold, Mike Snow and a wonderful collection by Iron and Wine.

Here We Go Magic - Here We Go Magic
mew - no more stories are told todaythe wooden sky - if i dont come home youll know im gone


1. solochew lips
2. warm heart of africa – the very best
3. animal animalpenguin prison
4. silver revolver – lady of the sunshine
5. the beautiful young crewlawrence arabia
6. black the colour of my heart (demo) – monarchy
7. wallsshout out louds
8. over the darkness and over the city – john alexander ericson
9. ambergris – snowblink
10. fangela – here we go magic
11. maps and compasses – goodnight owl
12. your body is a machine – the good natured
13. big bird – brothers of end
14. two hearts – forest city lovers
15. love and greed – magenta lane
16. sister – emily loizeau
17. world news – local natives
18. try, tried, trying – bahamas
19. much more than that – sharon van etten
20. spirited – laura gibson
21. only a little boom (mix 3.1) – windmill
22. shoes of glass – valery gore
23. the great estates – freelance whales
24. under the sheets (baby monster mix) – ellie goulding
25. when you walk in the room – fyfe dangerfield
26. don’t want to sleep tonight – malcolm middleton
27. eastbound – ola podrida
28. bells of harlem – dave rawlings machine
29. hands of time – groove armada
30. when they fight, they fight – generationals
31. they don’t want – electric wire hustle
32. funeral singerscalifone
33. my old ghoststhe wooden sky
34. foolin’ – devendra banhart
35. long gone – slaraffenland
36. people – trash can sinatras
37. violentloney dear
38. the darkest day – ramona falls
39. road regrets – dan mangan
40. in these arms – the swell season
41. you are the music – m craft
42. wildfires – ohbijou
43. things will never be the same again – jj
44. beach – mew
45. blue skies – noah and the whale
46. the fade – megafun
47. the place where we lived – hayden
48. song for no one – mike snow
49. this sweet love – james yulli
50. the trapeze swinger – iron and wine
51. roll up your sleeves – we were promised jetpacks

Here’s to another great year of music!

~ traj

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